Video Portfolio


The Threshold
An animated musical horror shortmovie: here
Ines in: Once upon a Möbius strip
Point & Click Game freely available here
Uncle Lee Strikes Again
Point & Click Game freely available here


Collaboration made with the animation artist Selyutina sk.
Parniscus Pieta  
Collaboration made with the German painter Chris Leib for his work.
You’ll beg me to let you die slowly  
Collaboration made with the Spanish painter Pablo Iprada for his work.
Japanese School Droid  
Work with the 3d production “Marvelous Media Engine” for an experiment with music and CGI.
Akita Inugami  
Work for the French artist Dracochat.
Mostrino Mono Occhio/Pianta  
Experiment with the Italian artist Giulio Noccesi.