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// “Genesis” is a concept album, a story about an adventure in space.
Ran is the protagonist of the story. He’s on the quest to discover the future hidden in the past.
Where/when he finds out that existence is the physical state of the soul continuously coming and going, he decides to let his wheel turn. His Journey begins here, with the “Self Proclaimed Wheel (Will)” starting to turn.
The infinity of all that surrounds him is overwhelming and he cannot help but to explore this vastness with his imagination. How every star is a dot in the sky, so minuscule and distant, but at the same time so connected in the huge web of lights enveloping his view: he starts “Sky Walking”.
He becomes “Ran the Hero”, the symbol of his own life and curiosity, a Knight of Light into the darkness of the Unknown.
This cloud of confusion mirrors the state of the world he lives in his physical form, Spiritual and Environmental “Ruins” now are what he sees when his eyes are open, although he does not worry, for it will come the new “Blue Dawn”, warming the souls of the peoples who will be on the path of light and justice with Nature.
Nature, this embodiment of life experiencing itself, is the experiments of many “Forms in Movement” into inner and outer space, imagination and cosmos are the canvases of different kinds of painters. Colliding spheres and ideas of all dimensions that with love and hate forged the state of things we now see and touch.
The “Genesis” of all things is unknown to us, mostly because we can’t find it out. The answer lies within ourselves and the core of our planet. She is the keeper of a destiny we cannot even imagine possible in a future closer than we can grasp.
Our Mother, Earth, Gaia, Hathor, “IWA”, is the diary of all the scars the tangible existence of a conscious species has produced and lived. We are but grains of dust on a gigantic being that breathes and warms us with her soft embrace.

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